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I'm trying to find a way to show both a Google calendar as well as a list of upcoming events - drawn from the calendar - on our organization's website. I've been searching around and have not seen anything to answer this seemingly easy (or so I thought!) issue. Can anyone help?
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    Try this - How to embed a Google Calendar: Embed on your website - Google Calendar Help

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  • JezWebb has given the answer. I think you too can find this if you can check the Google calendar help section well.
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    @JezWebb - Thanks for the link. That one I have found, and am able to put the entire calendar on our site. What I was specifically looking for is a way to pull events off the calendar and create a list of upcoming events to show on another page on the site. Barring another piece of Google magic I have yet to find, I think I can do this by going into the calendar options, clicking the link to Customize, and there selecting the activities tab and getting that code and using it. Seems to work, and a couple of hours after I posted my question I was able to figure that out. My apologies for not posting that I thought I had a solution!
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