Why is link protection needed?

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Sorry. I hate to ask these newby questions but I have never seen a clear answer to this. I know it is said you must protect your affiliate links. Someone can change your ID to theirs and steal
Your commisions. But I don't see how that works?
Let us say I post an article online at goarticles. My affiliate link is in my author box or wherever. No one can change that without access to my account or password. Or if they go to my affiliate which is clickbank
They cannot change the affiliate link unless they get into my account? Right?
Maybe someone can go to the landing page where my link leads to andx redirect that?
But you cannot redirect a page unless you control that domain is that right?
Please enlighten.

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    You are absolutely right. I think that people that said that meant someone can click on your affiliate link, copy it as their own and use it somewhere else with their affiliate username. But there's no way they can change that in your author box or wherever without access to your account or password.

    And no, nobody can redirect a page unless they control that domain.

    You're safe, don't worry :-)
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