How to open a desktop program from a webpage

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For example a have a link on my webpage and when I click it it will trigger "notepad.exe" program..

Let me know if its possible.

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    No it's not. It would be a huge security risk.

    However you might be able to do it with ActiveX but that's only for IEs.
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    This is not possible. The security concerns associated with a feature like that... well, use your imagination. :S Why would you want to do that?
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    You can however use javascript to create a form and cookie combination that behaves just like a small notepad inside the visitors browser, this example that has four of them. Launch using the buttons on the top right of the page.

    As the others have pointed out browser security prohibits Javascript or ActiveX from linking with the file-system or other applications on a users machine and there is no workaround.
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    The only way you can get outside the 'sandbox' security net is by getting users to download a program and then executing another program from there. You will of course need their permission to do this.
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    Thanks guys. I asked this because I saw a video of a guy doing this.
    He open the web form on Safari and after he clicked submit button the program in his windows VPS triggered and run. Any idea how its done?
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    Im not getting why you would 'want' to do this.. can you link us to the video, I would be interested to see what the purpose of doing this is
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