Can you FTP files from one server to another?

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If I wanted to transfer files from one server to another, can I do this via FTP? And can it be automated so one server transfers files to another once every month?

I am asking because I want to FTP datafeeds from my server every month to Googlebase. And I want it to be automated.

Any ideas?
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    You can do this with PHP. It can be a bit tricky as many shared hosts don't permit you to modify some of the security settings, however a good article about working around this can be found at PHP's FTP functions*tutorial.

    Note that the PHP manual contains a lot of reference to FTP, however these are mostly geared to having PHP manage the receiving side. In your application you would use PHP as the FTP client, the quoted article explains how to do this.

    Once you get it all working just use a CRON job to automate it.

    Hope this helps

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    Hey thank you, I will look into using php. Yeah then a cron to automate.
    Hopefully it wont be too complex to set up.
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    Using copy function of php and automating via cron job it can be done.
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      If you want to transfer files directly from one server to another and without those files touching your computer, then you should use FXP. You'll have to see if both servers support it because some servers have the FXP feature disabled.

      Here's a good write up on FXP What Is FXP?

      Don't bother scripting something to handle the transfers because you'd be reinventing the wheel. There's already a program called lftp that does everything you're asking for and tons more stuff.


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    @mojojuju Good stuff buddy.
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    yes, you can. with the help of MultCloud, it is easy to do. Adding two ftp accounts in it please, more details please visit its office website or watch youtube videos
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    CuteFTP will do it. Drag and drop from one window to another. Filezilla won't.
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    If you are on linux check scp or rsync

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    Now, I think it is easy. adding two host's ftp account to a multi-cloud management application called MultCloud, then you can transfer files in one interface, beacuse MultCloud is a web-based application and 100% free.
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    If its a linux server, wget is an easy way to get a file from anywhere.

    From the command line (or scripted via php or other)


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