Notepad++ vs Textwrangler

by pex7
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Hello everyone! I have been coding with Notepad++ and recently just started using Textwrangler on my Mac. With Notepad it defaulted to syntax highlighting code for any language it recognized. With Textwrangler I cannot figure out how to do that without having to manually select one language for each document I work on under "text options". Does anyone know if there is a way in TW to make it automatically color code for all languages without having to manually choose one each time?
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    Notepad++ is pretty cool. And when you are getting all the options you want on notepad++ then why would you use any other tool that is making problems.
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    I've always prefered Notepad++ for web development (Although I used netbeans when I was doing more complex stuff)

    I switched to using Dreamweaver several years ago after I got a copy of it, I highly recommend it for coding since it comes out of the box with a lot of very useful features, the ftp browser and the real time error checking are very great, and the object/variable tracking is great as well. Although the free stuff can be used to do similar things with enough work it's just what I'm used to these days.
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