How to add secure forms to a Wordpress website?

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How do I go about adding secure forms to a Wordpress website? I have an offline client (property manager) that needs property owners be able to go to the forms and click/check off 'approve' or 'decline' authorizing him to do things on the property. These forms need to be legal authorizations.

I know HTML, CSS, WordPress, SEO and can set up themes, etc , but I really don't have much understanding into the technical and code end of these things. It goes a little over my head.

So I could use some basic help here.

Thanks in advance.
(I don't know what I would do without this great forum to come to sometimes!)
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    Yes you will use other open sources like PHPBB3, Vbuliten forums that will integrated easy in wordpress
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    @vrtechnologies you may have misunderstood me. I am in need of secure form help, not forums. But I am sure I will have a site in the future that will require the use of a forum and then I'll be back ...
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      Hi Intermission,

      I can't help with whether they are legal authorizations or not...

      But, for setting up the forms themselves have you ever looked into Gravity Forms?


      p.s. - You can use SSL to encrypt the form submissions if necessary.
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    As to whether they would be 'legal authorizations', you should consult a lawyer.
    Gravity forms would be a good place to investigate, as well as maybe some membership functions that restrict access to the forms to authorised people only.
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    Well to get started you're going to need an SSL certificate for your site and some kind of user account management. This will let you securely let people log in and then use your forms. Once you have SSL, you can prove in court beyond a reasonable doubt that people logged in were themselves, so you can put verbage on a page to the effect that 'clicking here means you accept these terms'

    You can get an SSL certificate from your host, but you need to register your(the real estate) companies information with them to get a good one. From there just look into wordpress plugins that can user login and form creation for those logged in users.
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    @John Ayling I'll take a look at Gravity Forms. Thanks

    @Jeff Hope and @ALicenseToCode - Thanks

    I wondered, about whether I might need an SSL certificate. I've heard of them, but never worked with them before and wasn't sure the how and why of these. I'll be in touch with the hosting company about it.

    Much appreciated
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    Hello.... Here is my solution for your problem....

    1. If you want to show this form to restricted people you have to use some kind of protection...
    You can make that page password protected using normal wordpress function.... In this case the limitation is all users must have to know the pass to see the form....

    another solution is using a membership plugin.... there are some free membership plugin that you can find in Personaly I like paid plug named wpemember so user have to login to view form

    2. You can make the form using contact form 7 wordpress plugin that is really free and easy to use.

    Hope this helps....
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    @wordpressmania Yes, I'm not sure yet which will work the best, using the regular WordPress login or a membership plugin. I will check out the plugin you mentioned. I wouldn't mind going with a paid plugin if it came with good support and features that couldn't be found with a free plugin.

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    Have you tried Press Permit | permissions engine for WordPress ? It's a well built plugin.

    My clients once request an ACL from me, then I migrate his website to Joomla, for the sake of intrinsic security haha =)
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