Is Transferring A Web Directory Always This Hard!?

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I'm hoping this is the relevant part of the forum as you guys are all so good with PHP.
With only experience buying wordpress websites and nothing to do with directories I've recently bought a web directory. However there have been a few issues.
When I move the files over from his hosting to mine I get an error message.
The seller then stated that he would move the site for me if I gave him my cpanel and password.
I gave him my FTP access instead but he said that he 'couldn't create mysql and install db'.

After that I asked for the access to the admin part of the directory as it's run off php link directory and he said that he couldn't login with his old password after the (unsuccessful) site move.
He said that it's encrypted with MD5 and that I can use this link to create an md5 password - Free online md5 hash calculator based on php script.

Does this guy sound legit and are these proper reasons as to why the website isn't working properly!?
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    These all sound like database issues. My guess is that the new database doesn't exist or your directory application can't connect to the new one.

    You might ask him to help make sure that you duplicate the old database on your new web host. The new database needs to use the exact same user and password as the old one (this is probably different than the username/password to your directory application).

    If you transferred all of the application files over correctly, there's a big chance that something with the databases isn't matching up.
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    Unfortunately it sounds like they don't know what they're doing. I'd suggest you contact your web host to see if they can help shed some light on what's going on.

    EDIT: overlooked that you only gave FTP access...
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      It looks like the problem could be with the database but in these circumstances you can not tell. Any one of of a thousand problems can occur when you transfer a web site. From the answers he has given you it sounds like he does know a little about what he is doing but I would certainly get a more experienced system administrator to have a look over it. When copying a site using ftp the files are not set to the original permissions that existed on the previous host and these have to be changed manually. Like I said, a thousand things can go wrong.
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    You do not have the database that is needed to be created before a wordpress site is installed.
    So make it sure first that you are having correct database configurations and all other database options.
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    What hosting company do you use?
    This transfer should be simpler.
    Why did the seller have problems creating a database in your account?
    Start there. PHP Link Directoryneeds a mySQL database.

    Have you reached a limit? Space or number of databases?
    Definitely contact your hosting company to sort this out.
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      Originally Posted by mlab View Post

      Why did the seller have problems creating a database in your account?
      The OP has stated that he only granted the seller FTP access so he wasn't given the capabilities to create the actual database.

      OP: The information that the seller is requesting from you sounds legitimate including his reasons why your website isn't working properly. I would suggest giving him the access privledges he needs to help you. You can always change your cPanel password after he has installed the database and got your site up and running. I think the reason that your site isn't working is simply because of paranoia and anti-trust between you and the seller.
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