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I am looking for a Craigslist AutoResponder that will simply search Craigslist based on keyword, category and multiple cities and then email any results to me.

Im open to all suggestions? Thanks in advance for your input!
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    that is not called an autoresponder. That is a specific search engine or scraper.
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    I think you can do that with google reader and rss filters.
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      Yes I am using Google reader and that seems to work well.
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        I think you could set that up with IFTTT...

        IF "RSS from CL:Boston updates" THEN "email feed to me"

        Depending on the APIs you are working with, you can do any number of things. I just got on IFTTT a couple days ago, and I can see it automating a lot of content awareness & spread!

        Check it -

        Hope this helps!
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    You can use php curl to fetch it and if you dont know how to do it you can hire someone for it
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      I have use the Craigslist Autoresponder that Larry Hoffman built, fortune 500 programmer, and It is really useful. It has definitley made me over 6 figures in real estate. I use it to find motivated sellers on cragslist, the program auto emails them a template i create, something like: "I'm interested in purchasing your rental/property/home (insert what is appropriate) ...."

      There's a good blog post about the software at

      I bought mine from I think she offers the lowest price, but there are a few other online real estate people selling it. I just trust Wendy as I've worked with her before, and been to her speaking events.

      The program could work for any industry, it's just really popular in the real estate niche.

      If they email back, I have a seller. Great way to vet leads. Find sellers, and create buyer/seller lists.

      Programmer - Experienced Internet Marketer - Copywriter

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    There is a site that does exactly what you are looking for it is called

    It costs a little bit of money but it automates the process of finding the types of ads you want to respond to and the email addresses attached to the ads.
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    How about an autoresponder that will reply to people replying to my Craigslist posts?
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    I would highly recommend Home

    Unlike a lot of other places, they don't charge you by the lead or by the email sent, so there's no limit to the results.
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