What is the best place to learn programming?

by forme
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What is the best place to learn programming languages? (java, C#)
Is there a place like W3schools? If not, give me the best place.
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      Originally Posted by kazim View Post


      These are best list to learn programming language but tryruby.org and trypython.org for PHP and server side language is good.

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    I think once you know one language it is much easier to pickup other programming languages you really need just to learn how to "think" like a programmer. Most basic programming classes will teach you that.

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    A 7 week long Free course is starting on Coursera under the title Learn to Program: The Fundamentals

    program coordinators are Professor Jennifer Campbell and Paul Gries from the University of Toronto.

    Don't miss it!
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    For Java:

    For C#
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    I fear, as I have very less knowledge regarding the websites for Java or C# programming languages, as I generally refer the from the book or tutorial classes, but in fact I would like to ask, as I have a confusion that do really w3schools provides tutorial for the Java as well as for C# as I didn't found any of the sections regarding these programming languages.
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      Originally Posted by xuled View Post

      To be a programmer you need to practice more and more. There is nothing but practice that can help you to get your goal.
      Nice advice.
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    You've never programmed before? Unless you're really talented, or are 14 years old, you should try college. It's true, many of us learned without school, but in actuality, we are the exception rather than the rule, at least as far as exceptional programmers are concerned.

    I am totally self taught, but it's a little unfair to compare my experience with arbitrary people, because I started when I was 13. Although there's a wealth of information available now that wasn't available when I was first learning, it is still very difficult to learn modern principles and actually get good at them, without instruction.

    The alternative is on-the-job training, which can be hard to come by. So it's not impossible to learn on your own, but generally difficult. That's why companies generally hire people with a real education. Those without one are still employable, if they're good, but usually make a lower salary.

    This is not meant to discourage anyone. Learn whatever you can, and learn it soon. But if you can catch a college class (in any programming language), take that chance and jump on it.
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    w3schools is good. But is there any site show step by step a design projects..?
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    To learn programming language practice is essential. Without practice you can not build up yourself. Today there are lots of materials found in the internet for learn programming language. You can also see video tutorial in the youtube which will be help you to learn language first. Try to create website if you fall in problem then you should learn new things. After solve these problems you will be a great programmer.

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    my personal favorite is tutsplus.com. also W3Schools Online Web Tutorials is pretty good, and of course lynda tutorials and courses are some of the best.
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    try codeproject.com...................the biggest programmers community on internet!
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    Well the book store is where I learned to program php. Text books have always been my way of learning.

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    For php I found Zend Certification books helpful.
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    codeacademy and w3schools is best to learn programming.
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    lynda.com w3schools and net.tutsplus
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    I found it incredibly useful to learn from video tutorials, such as the ones found on VTC. I began learning PHP in 2005 using the VTC tutorials, then I took a look into C programming (Mark Virtue's C Programming video series is the best set of programming videos available). Learning JavaScript was easy for me after that since I already had a solid foundation to build on.
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    java, c#? Well, you should begin by learning something relatively simple like JS/PHP for the web and then branch out imo.
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    I’m old-school – I like books, lol. And I mean real paper books, paperbacks, hardbacks, I mean, this kindle stuff? pfft, it will never catch on.

    But seriously, I think that with something deep and methodical like programming as opposed to something frivolous and silly like marketing it’s important to go to reliable sources (joke).

    And the way I see it, reading well-written and well-edited books from reputable publishers is the way to learn programming. Look for authors who are well respected in the developer community for their expertise and ability to explain complex subjects in a way that’s accessible.

    There might be online tutorials that are as good but you mentioned C#. Some of those pro books from Apress are 1000+ pages long. You get a lot there, from start to finish, all written in a consistent voice and rigorously edited. A comparable online resource will probably contain hundreds or thousands short tutorials written by different people and that can be great for looking up something specific. But to build a good foundation on the subject from the ground up try a book and supplement it with online tutorials.

    I think, Pro C# 5.0 and the .NET 4.5 Framework by Andrew Troelsen is a new iteration of a book I read ages ago. It’s up to 1500 pages now! What? Cancel everything else in your life.

    Not sure about current Java books , Java in A Nutshell by David Flanagan used to be a classic.

    Consider browsing through Amazon and reading the reviews carefully (take some of those with a grain of salt though because reviewers’ perspective, experience and expectations vary wildly)

    There’s some good advice in the thread already. I like what xuled said, ain’t that the truth.

    All the best
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    i think w3schools.com is very good website, you can learn any programming language step by step
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    Your best teacher is www.
    But it is better if you take some course on it from your local school or training center ,
    which provide you certificate that have value nationally and internationally.
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    plz visit
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    Practice and consistency are the key...there are hundreds of FREE places where you can learn programming...There are several channels on YouTube that teach you how to code.
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      If you don't have some programming experience, it's okay to look for some tutorials that teach you the basics.

      Download Visual Studio or Visual C#, install it, create a Console Project and try doing simple operations like reading an array, deleting characters from a string, make good use of any C# structure - this until you start to understand how it works.

      Then you can jump to methods(functions), classes, and then to Windows Forms.
      One good thing is that the IntelliSense will help you a lot (the methods have descriptive names).

      You have to experiment with C# to actually learn it - there are lots of things that can be done with it and you won't find tutorials for everything. Try learning it step by step and don't jump to complicated tutorials if you don't understand the basics..

      It will take time, more than 2-3 days, but it's not impossible to learn.

      p.s.: Try looking on StackOverflow/MSDN if there are any problems. CodeProject sometimes provides way too complicated sourcecodes in their tutorials.
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    Try using visual basic, there's a bunch of youtube videos that teach you how to use it. You can even try tutsplus for help too, or w3schools.
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    If youre looking for web development, then Firefox Developers Network has some mad resources. Detail as hell!
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      Originally Posted by unni6849 View Post

      If you are a beginner and interested in web technologies you can start learning web programming from online.There are lots of tutorials available online.Some of the important online tutorials are:

      Really this sites are useful, But apart from these there are one more site which is lynda.com

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    Try websites such as:

    I learn how to program using them.
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    All nice listing. Thank ya all!
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    There are a lot of great answers here. I myself learned on my own. Many Many years later I went to college and could have taught the classes. I did that because I personally wanted something to show for all the years in this industry.

    Here is the thing. All languages have some basic principles. Once you learn those you can branch out and learn any language you like. Assembly being the exception but who uses that anymore.

    The best thing to do is to think of a program you would like to write and muddle your way though it with a language you think you would like to learn.

    Though its harder I suggest you learn Object Oriented Programmings because your gonna need it in the long run.

    The basics:
    Conditional Statements

    These are all important topics to learn.

    Each language may have small variances to how this works but it's very much the same.

    One of your biggest struggles and it's true as you progressively learn new languages is the Syntax of that language. The errors that it reports may not be that easy to understand. Once you learn what the errors mean its easier to fix the issues.

    Don't give up just jump in and get your feet wet.

    When you have problems post them here. Someone will have the answer.

    Glen Barnhardt

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    w3school and codeacadmy those are best option for learning....
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    First of all you need to be sure about what exactly you wanted to learn. Web programming/application programming/network/socket programming.

    First decide the area which you want to learn. If you are interested in Web development, start with HTML first and then learn PHP. W3schools is best place to learn HTML and PHP. You can also go to official website of PHP
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    I learn best with both visual and audio when I learn new topics. Youtube is your friend if you know exactly what you are looking for and you know how search.
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    java-demos.blogspot.com is the good place to learn java because of it's Theme-Program-Explain policy in blogging Java examples!
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