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Hi guys,

I´m having a problem that´s giving me TONS of headaches. When I write my posts on my wordpress office, I like to leave spaces between each paragraph. It gives a better look to the articles in my opinion. Tons of blocks of text with no "air to breath" for the eyes seem ugly to me. So I leave the spaces like this (screenshot):

So fine so good. The big problem is: once I publish the article and the content goes live, if I want to go back to edit ANYTHING from the article (and by anything I mean it could be just editing the title or the category), the editor takes off the spaces between the paragraphs. This image shows how the text in the previous screenshot would look like if I would go back to edit it once it´s published:

As you can see all the work I did with the spaces is gone (although unless I hit the "update" button it won´t affect the actual published article). Now, that screenshot shows only three paragraphs but in the case of a whole 1000 word article with tons of paragraphs AND PICTURES it´s a total pain in the a... Because as usually happens, one finds little details to change once the article is published (or maybe a couple of days later), so I´m finding myself having to do the spaces thing over and over and over. Granted, it doesn´t look like too much time, but believe me, it does add up when you´re constantly revising every single article you have written. I have wasted already HOURS of my time due to this issue. My website is still in a baby phase so I´m playing a lot with minor details regarding design, such as colors of titles or headlines within the articles, so I have to constantly go back to edit the articles after publishing them.

Is this problem a common thing? And do you know of any solution for this?

I appreciate your help!
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    When in the WP editor switch over the HTML mode instead of visual and save it that way.
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      Hey man,

      I have tried using the HTML editor but it´s complicated. I get lost within the code and besides I´m unable to use styling such as font and color size. Besides I´m afraid of messing up with the code.
      I´m thinking maybe this problem I´m having is due to some of the plugins I have installed. Probably TinyMCE (?); This is a plugin that allows you to have more styling options for your post. I´ll try to contact the creator of the plugin to see if there´s any correlation.

      Thanks for the help.
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    Hi, you have to edit that in HTML. Add a <br> tag between each paragraph. Let me know if that works
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    WordPress "cleans up" your HTML code, namely extra lines like you desire. To accomplish what you want, you really need to better understand HTML and CSS.

    The simple solution like TheJadeEmperor pointed out is to add <BR> tags within the HTML. The better solution (long-term) is to learn CSS and style your paragraphs with "margin-top:2em;" or whatever you prefer.

    In the long run, learning HTML and CSS will greatly improve your understanding of what's going on, and make it easier to accomplish what you want. I strongly reccomend W3Schools Online Web Tutorials as a starting point. They offer easy-to-understand tutorials and handy references.

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    IMHO I would agree with WebVyz. The best practice here would be fix it permanetly within the CSS and not "fudge" the spacing by inserting blank paragraphs. You could easily add/edit the p tag in your css

    p { margin-top: 2em; margin-bottom: 2em; }

    This would ensure your left and right margins stay the same as defined in your theme, and your top and bottom would take on the 2em sizing.
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    yeah that's an easy fix with css
    p {magin-bottom: 10px; }

    you can also change your line height by using:

    p {line-height: 20px;}

    or something similar.

    just increase or decrease the number based on your preferences.
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    omgfirstmillion, is the problem that wordpress removes the spacing on the edit page, or does it refflect the display (the published version that your users see).

    if you don't see the spacing on the published article, just add several <br /> tags, as other members pointed out, or edit the css, and add margin-top or margin-bottom to your paragraph css property.
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      Hi guys,

      Sorry for not replying before. Thanks a lot for your advice, I´ll try it in my next article and will let you know if it worked.
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