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I realize this section is programing but I didnt see any where better to put this question. So please feel free to point me else where if needed ....

I was wondering what services / methods you recommend for auto backing up websites on an ongoing basis. I am a LAMP coder with 15 years experience so I am not afraid to do some coding. I do prefer something that has nothing to do with the OS so that it will work on any server from shared to dedicated and windows and linux ... maybe a cloud base ftp option for example. I know LFTP can do incremental backups.

However with all that said I am also interested in any cloud based backup services. For example site-valult.com seems pretty promising and i have client who uses ibackup.com

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    Try codeguard.com its pretty awesome

    Edit: Its a web based service !
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    If you are using Window, i will suggest you to code an automatic backup software that work for your server only. I will code it for you free so please contact me if you want it.
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    There are a lot of software which can sync between your web server and the cloud server and do backups periodically, daily, weekly, or whenever it detects a change..
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    ...one such software is Fling which is developed by NCH software...
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    You should be able to find a software on a download Website. There is a lot software that are doing backup of your local computer and online server...

    Google Maps Contact Extractor, a google maps scraper software (Scrape google places data)
    Yellow Pages Scraper software an easy to use Yellow pages scraper software
    Yelp Data Scraper software, extract data from yelp website.
    Management-Ware Extract Anywhere, Website data extractor software, create your scraper to extract data from almost any website. Door to door CRM software.

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    Thanks all for your thoughts so far. Do any of you have suggestions of cloud based server backup services that you like?
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    You're going to have a hard time finding one solution that works for shared to dedicated servers as the permissions are in no way shape or form the same across the board. Add Windows to the mix, whole different app as well.

    Shared, or the linux world, you'd mainly need something that integrates with cPanel (most use that) since you won't have root access untul VPS & higher.

    You say you're a LAMP coder......why not use RSYNC? It works, works well and can be run across ssh.

    I'd suggest using WHM to run scheduled backups, then using RSYNC to ship them off via ssh a few times a week to an off site storage VPS.

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    I'd suggest BackupPC or Bacula. Both are open source and free.

    The other question remaining - where to back up your data to. Personally, I keep several copies - on specific backup hosting plans (such as BQBackup), on cloud-type storage (such as Amazon S3 or Glacier) and on my personal computer, whenever possible.
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    I am looking to be able to do the backup of any site to a cloud base storage either the service provides directly or I can link into it such as amazon s3. I do not want anything that has to be installed on my computer or the server. Also a solution like rsync wont work on shared or windows servers. That is why I am thinking a service that will do the backup over ftp and keep so many days of backups would be good.

    If I were to code something out myself this is probably what I would do. Set up a VPS server, install LFTP, create a script that is ran daily by cron to have lftp download any files that have changed, also have a php script on the server to do the mysql dump and have lftp download that as well. Then once on the server it would compress the files, delete the oldest backup and repeat again the next day.

    The main reason I am not doing this right now is the bandwidth costs I am thinking I could get more features, a better price, and have less perceived risk if I outsourced it.

    The reason I want it hosted, my ultimate goal is to live out of an rv travelling full time. Thus I wont have a computer on all the time, and my internet will be mobile so have limitations there...

    One other note I am looking for solution to maintain backups easily for client sites. Yes some have cpanel based hosting and I can use that but not all, so looking for a solution that would work for any site a client throws at me.
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