What kind of programmer would do this kind of work?

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We are building a large new upgraded site in WordPress (Landscape child theme on Genesis) and things are becoming a bit more complicated on the backend to the degree that we need some advice from time to time about how to add functionality and whether we can do it with a plug in or need a programmer. Also, the web master has a full time gig and could use help doing things like setting up plug ins like S2Member so that it integrates with Aweber , and, separately, to create a discussion forum (possibly on BBPress). He could hack his way through this stuff if had more time, but time is short.

We are thinking that we could use a programmer that we could hire hourly for both advice about and doing the actual work of extending our WP site functionality with plugins and/or increasing as needed the functionality of certain plugins so that they work for our site.

So here's the question. What kind of a programmer would do this kind of thing? If I am asking for help in the Warriors wanted for Hire section, what should we be advertising for, and any advice on a reasonable rate?

Thanks all!
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    Also you can post your project on Freelancer or Elance to compare the bids.
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    Or hire me!

    I charge for coding, but my advice is always free.
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    Have you checked the Genesis Forums? There is a list of programmers and designers that specialize Genesis and their respective child themes.

    I have never hired them, but they moderate the forums and will point you in the right direction.
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    Hunt a expert PHP hunter ,not a raw php expert ,obviously a core php expert.
    You can hunt this kind of expert from any freelancing site.
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    Thank you all, will check out all of these!
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      You can probably find someone right here that would do that kind of work for a pretty reasonable rate *wink wink nudge nudge*

      I am actually doing something similar for a client now. They have little questions here and there and I give them my feedback, as well as make some adjustments their people on staff do not have the time for.
      The Massage Therapy Foundation is the site.

      You could also post on Craigslist, although you may get more responses than you care to deal with. And not all of them will be from someone you care to hire.

      You can also look into digital staffing agencies. One we have around here is called Creative Circle. I'm not too sure how their inner workings are for companies looking to hire but they staffed me on quite a few gigs. It's been pretty successful on my end.
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