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I wrote an article several years ago that I intended to have published in a print journal, but nothing came of it. Now I'd like to try it as an ebook. The trouble is, it has endnotes. I have someone from oDesk working on it, and he knows how to code it so that by mousing over the reference number, the contents of the note appear(1).

In case someone actually wants to be able to copy and paste the note in order to obtain the resource mentioned, I thought it would be good to have it turn up in a small pop-up window as a result of clicking on the number. It seems to me I have seen that done, but can't locate any examples to show my contractor.:confused::confused:

Does anyone either know where to find an example or have a better idea how to accomplish the same purpose?

(1) Here is a note. Imagine that it has a source for information given in the paragraph where the (1) occurs. There are a bunch of them, and I want them out of the way for anyone who doesn't want to try to obtain a copy of, say, that 1843 magazine article.
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    Very easy to do with jQuery tooltips. You can put anything you want inside the tooltip, including links, etc.

    Using any HTML inside the tooltip

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    The tooltip suggestion as Brandon mentioned will work great, but if you need the user to be able to actually highlight what is in the text you will need to ensure that the tooltip does not display on over and disappear too quickly when the user moves the mouse or it may cause some issues for actually "grabbing" the text or clicking a link.

    Be sure to set the delay attribute to say 3 seconds to give them enough time get from the trigger point to the content of the tooltip.
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