A good php programmer should use farmeword available?

by YongC
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A good php programmer should use framework available or create a framework ? Why ? According to you which is best ?
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    There is no right answer to that, it depends on the situation.

    If there is a framework that matches a lot of your requirements without inflicting unnecessary risk to your project, not using a framework would be a costly stupidity.

    I think the identifier for a good developer is if he can explain why he used a specific framework, or build everything from scratch.
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    It depends... Are you going to develop 10 sites more that look almost the same as your first? Then a framework would be smart to develop. It makes a lot of time free for you... Coding plugins would be much more easier for you then before.
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    Personally I using a framework when the project lends itself to one. Mostly I try to compare required features and decide if from there.

    - Mike
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    It's important to be able to use existing frameworks, period. But if you can develop your own framework, it shows you really know what you're doing. So both are good.
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