How do I bulk delete media in Wordpress?

by karma8
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I have a thousand pictures in my media library, not sure how. Must have been some autoblogging software I used a few years ago. Anyway I want to delete them, but I can only do one page of 20 at a time. I uploaded two different plugins, one at a time, but neither of them would do it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks
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    There are 2 ways to do this:

    1. Go to your hosting Cpanel
    Filemanger - public_html >> wp-content >> uploads >> delete all folder that you want gone..

    This will delete all the images that are hosted on your server but this method will still show the files in Dashboard but when you click image link from Dashboard it will give you 404 Error. File Not Found.

    2. Go to Dashboard > Media

    On the Media Page where it lists all the images , look on top right side you will find a dropdown link for "Screen Options" . Click it. It will show you a box.. On the bottom left side of that drop downed box you will find "Media Items" which is set as 20 by default. Increase the size to like 100 or 200 and click Apply and refresh the page.

    Now you have 100 image list displayed on Media Library. Check All >> Hit Delete.

    100 Images deleted at once.
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    Thanks Tajimd!
    I didn't even think about going into file manager, which I have done many times for other things. and the screen options, funny I almost clicked on it, but didn't.

    I appreciate your free assistance, which to be honest is what I expect at the warrior forum for something like this. Someone pm'd me to offer assistance for $10 and wanted my cpanel log in info. Yeah right, not giving that to just anyone.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help, it worked!
    Have a great day

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    ^^ smart move Sandra. Fastest way is via File Manager. Make a backup of the upload folder first in case you delete an image by error.
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    People on warrior these days are money hungry Sandra !

    Its always good to post such things in this section rather than straight away going to Looking to Hire Freelancers section.
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