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Can any one point to some info on a (hopefully) simple way to add one of those walk on spokes people to a web page? I know there are tons of people selling this service...but what's it take to do it yourself? Thnx
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    hi eglassman88,
    thanks for that but that's not what I seek. I am looking for what is called "Transparent Video Flash"...this is where a spokes person walks out and it looks like they are walking "over" the web page as if they are seperate from the pages structure. We do a lot of video work at Chicago Film Works so shooting stuff is no issue...What I seek is, I assume, a programming question in Flash...but, like I said...I am looking for info about any quick and easy ways to accomplish this without having to learn programming Flash..

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    Ezs3 let you do this is creating the video isn't the issue -
    'With FLV you can use green screen and then create a transparent background – and then you can magically walk out onto your webpage!'
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    David...thanx for that!!! Exactly what I was looking for!

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