Programming skills required to start a forum?

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Do I need to learn php or something else to start my own forum? I plan to use phpBB on it. I really need to get some advice from somewhere.
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    Hi gahlyan, no you don't need any PHP experience to install phpBB. If you have a webhost which uses cpanel, you have have everything set up and running in 10 minutes.

    Go to youtube and do a search for installing phpBB with cpanel, I just checked and there are a number of 15 minute walkthrough videos. Worst case scenario, you can pay someone $5 on fiverr to do it for you.

    Best of luck!
    Russell Mark
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    You don't need any PHP experience but it would certainly help especially if you want to customize your forum.

    If you just want the basic install then with the help available online you shouldn't have a problem.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks both of you, really needed to get some advice before shelling our the hosting costs. I shall learn php in the meanwhile while trying to popularize the forum.
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    Before you learn PHP you should learn to code HTML/CSS...

    That's the base of websites.

    HTML/CSS/jQuery/ZURB Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap/Wordpress/Frontend Performance Optimizing
    Need HTML/CSS help? Skype: microcosmic - Test Your Responsive Design -

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      Originally Posted by Michael71 View Post

      Before you learn PHP you should learn to code HTML/CSS...

      That's the base of websites.
      I know the basics of both html and css. Still, Thanks for suggesting
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    I can suggest W3schools to learn PHP or the PHPacademy guy on youtube if you learn better from video's (I know i do).

    But you can just simply go to your host and click on Install PHPBB3 through fantastico installer. (If its cpanel)




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    There are many open source BB software that you can use.... they're also very customizable. Most forums you see today... even the paid ones are all built over open source products.
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    Hi gahlyan, a discussion forum requires skillful designing as well as programming.
    Before learning php it is better if you have html and css basic knowledge. You must
    also have knowledge of MySQL database. A forum contains several categories including
    user login page, Log out page, view posts, user control panel, text editor, submit
    post, delete post, update post etc. The programming coding for it quite difficult for a
    new person. You may take help of an experienced programmer who can guide you to write exact code. Code in any language must be of 100% accuracy otherwise it won't run.
    Secondly you must have creativity to make the code suitable for you logically. If you have proper knowledge of html, css, Mysql then it would help you to learn php to develop a discussion forum and to be a good programmer too. Wishing you Good Luck!
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