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I was wondering, is it possible to create "live wallpaper" via a web based app with current technology? Such as an API of some sort for interacting with Android APIs... etc? I have looked some but have not seen anything of what I need.
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    Hi Ken,

    I'm assuming you want to pull your "wallpapers" from some sort of server and then dynamically update the moile device.

    Is that how you see it working>

    Interesting idea and its potentially this is possible. But the only concern i have with this sort app, is that people could quickly use up their allowed bandwidth, or could significantly slow down the device.

    Another way would be to send a notification to the app user, saying 'additional wallpapers are available at xyz.com". They go their download some new designs and away you go.

    You get the advantage of driving traffic to your website, could be monetized with advertising of some sort.

    Hope that helps

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    brilliant idea! Leme check right away!
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