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Hello all. I am working over a script about something like a directory for top websites (fully unique.. I am doing it alone, but I have one... maybe stupid question). I would like when each person submits a website, a script .. or I don't know... to auto create a thumbnail of this website and to show it on the homepage (of course showing it up is a matter of seconds -> of course I know how to do it), but the thumbnail service is my problem. I was trying a service like thumblizr or something like this, but I am still waiting for the pictures to be uploaded ... (picture queued)...

Can anybody help me, please? Or tell me if you have any experience
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  • Hey there,

    send me a (PM) I'll give you a hand. The thumbnail
    portion maybe possible. But to be honest with you
    it will require some work.

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    This is very feasible and actually easier then you might think.
    Like WILL said it will take a little work but here are three links that will put you in the right direction.
    They are basic functions that will snapshot any website and spit out the size specified.
    You will need to tie this in with whatever your building.

    The first one is a plugin, but I only point it out so you can see the function in the code.
    The second one is a short tutorial for snapshots with code.
    The last one is a WPTuts tutorial for creating site snapshots.

    These should get you going quite well.
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