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I'd like to i-frame my affiliate url to my own URL so that the URL displayed is mine but the page that is displayed is the affiliate link through the use of a giant i-frame that takes up 100% of the page.

I've gotten this far no problem but the issue is this..

So, through the real URL, the page allows visitors to pick their product among 4 different products or any combination of the 4 and then hit the 'start my order' button - they are then directed right to the paypal screen for them to pay.

When doing it through my URL using the iframe they see the same page and it works the same way, and when they hit the start my order button it still does take them to the paypal screen, however, the URL displayed is still my URL! and not the paypal URL like it normally would.

I feel this will kill sales at the last minute and want to make it so that when they click the start my order button it doesnt do it through the Iframe on my page but instead the button actually takes them off my page and onto the paypal page and displays the paypal URL as it should.

How can I do this please?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply to this thread and helping me out warriors
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    Just a quick question, is the affilate URL(page), do you have control of it?

    Basically whats happening, when you have an iframe it acts as another document inside the parent document(your real URL), so when you click on a link inside your iframe( the affilate url), it just changes that document. if you get what i mean.

    One solution that could improve the user experience in your case, if you do have control of the html for the (affilate url) change the <a> attribute

    <a href="http://www.warriorforum.com/programming-talk/paypal.com..." target = "_blank"> Start Order Button</>
    adding target attribute to the <a> would open a new window, in modern browsers it will open a new tab. which i think is even better, incase they want to come back to your page to clarify the product details?

    note: i haven't tested this, but its just one the solution you can try.

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    I think nodesolomon is close.
    Add this attribute
    to the form tag and when the button is clicked it will break out of the iframe.
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