What is your favorite CMS? PHPBB or Wordpress or Vbulletin?

by riksworld 22 replies
Which is best?
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    PHPBB, vBulletin isn't a CMS, they are forum backends.

    WordPress in the other hand is 80% a CMS and actually does the job quite well. Originated as a blogging platform this can be used pretty much for anything today with all the plugins and themes.

    Two others that you can consider is Joomla and Drupal. Although I only have experience coding for WordPress I have heard good things about the other two.

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    My favorite CMS is wordpress. It's user-friendly and easy to use.
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    I love Wordpress.

    The other ones you mentioned are forum software. I haven't fiddled around enough with those to have a favorite. If it's functional, handles lots of traffic well, and easy to navigate and edit I'll be happy. Which also doubles for the CMS. Got to be easy on me and the visitor.
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    Yeah Wordpress is the best for small to medium sized websites.
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    I voted for Wordpress. WP is the most simple CMS and very easy to use.

    Need help with PHP and Laravel?

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    The question is more poll-like. If you are choosing a cms, it would be more helpful to describe your project, as the question of best cms would nevr have one correct universal answer and what's good for me can be not so for you.


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    I create blogging websites in word press CMS. I have 10+ blog of WordPress.
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    TYPO3 FTW!


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    Originally Posted by riksworld View Post

    Which is best?
    While purists will argue - because they're into that, realistically speaking, a content management system is a middleware product that provides you with a management interface to control what is being published. If you look into that definition far enough - one could consider CSS3 and HTML5 to be CMS, right? So I think CSS3 and HTML5 are the best CMS... if you are into painful experimentation to get it right, and long hours...

    I have a couple off the wall suggestions - Serif Software WebPlus X6 is pretty cool as a desktop CMS and you can get it and it's siblings (vector drawing, flyer/page creation, graphic editing, video editing) for retail $99 each. You can find bundle deals for much cheaper and you can get one back versions on Amazon for $20 each more or less. It is surprisingly powerful software - truly wysiwyg web development. You can see a couple sites I've done with it - Home *hybrid with serif front end, some pages are Serif, some are independent PLR or reseller pages residing 'beside or behind' the serif pages, and CDES.BIZ (pure Serif). Serif also provides usable templates - you can start from scratch or start with a theme/template and swap, insert, delete objects, flip the colors around, to your heart's content.

    Dreamweaver is another 'desktop based CMS' but it and it's siblings are a rather expensive retail package. It is also several degrees less user newbie friendly than the Serif product line, but it is also admittedly capable of generating much cleaner code and implementing full CSS3 with granular control over the code and every element. For me, I am transitioning to Dreamweaver from Coffee Cup HTML Editor - a good product in its own right, but Dreamweaver's strong CSS3 support is a rather big deal for me moving forward into mobile device websites and mobile apps.

    I LIKE DESKTOP CMS - (if you haven't figured that out by now)

    For server based CMS - WordPress is king - because of the incredible wealth of themes and plug-ins available. NOTHING compares to it in terms of application support available.

    The only thing I would go to Joomla or Drupal for would be a database driven inventory, order, and shipping integration website. One that I haven't seen mentioned, that I think is rather good, is OSCommerce (for product catalog type sales with a decent built-in shopping cart.). Definitely worth a look if that is what you need to do.

    Gordon Lincoln - Mgr
    CDES Marketing LLC

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    Wordpress is the best for blogging. Because You can found lots of plugin and template for it.
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    Hi, I think WordPress sis the best with lot of powerful features.Thanks
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    I always use & prefer Wordpress , as its easy to install / customize & maintain.
    Besides the community support is really huge when compared to other free open source scripts.
    Also the options for FREE plugins / themes are vast , that you can count on.

    In short if you have just basic HTML & little PHP/MySQL knowledge , you can wonders with Wordpress.
    Especially I love the Content Management part of the Wordpress Admin.

    Hope this helps you.
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      Wordpress is far overused. which has its pros (more addins)....However, my favorite is Joomla, more expandable, still very user friendly.
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    The question in itself would be considered FLAWED.

    PHPBB and vBulletin are not generally classified as CMSes, but more so as "Community Management Platforms"

    While Wordpress would be a thorough CMS.
    I develop unique strategies to Make Money Online, while staying within the realms of being a WhiteHatter.
    For the last 8 years, I have been successful & now is the time to give back to the community!
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    My favorite actual CMS is Wordpress. The others listed don't make much sense as a CMS.
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    It depends on your needs.

    If you need a forum, XenForo is probably your best bet. This is the product of the original vBulletin developers. Since the main developers left VB their quality has slacked. They miss release dates and have more security holes.

    If you need a CMS, I'd check out WordPress but be VERY careful about which plugins you install. Poorly written plugins are the #1 cause for your site be vulnerable to hackers.
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      Originally Posted by DogLicker View Post

      If you need a CMS, I'd check out WordPress but be VERY careful about which plugins you install. Poorly written plugins are the #1 cause for your site be vulnerable to hackers.
      This is an excellent point. Wordpress really isn't that great IMHO, its just the first one everyone goes to because its easy to use.

      Do you have hosting? just install a few into sub folders and try them out, you should have a decision on your favorite within a few hours.

      If you dont have hosting yet you can do the same thing on your local computer by installing a local web environment.

      Try Joomla .
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    i will preffer WP , because Alot of features in WP CMS,
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    I would have to agree with the rest about Wordpress being the way to go. Unlimited features, designs, easily customizable and its open source.

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    It depends on your requirements, which type of website you want to develop. I like wordpress the most as it has lots of features as well as user-friendly functionality.
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