Is there a Sandbox Test mode for Adsense Programmers?

by BettyM
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My website traffic is up on a site but revenue is down. Today I broke down and tested ads on my computer, ipad and android. Found out something is totally wrong with the Word Press code for mobile devices.

Ads work fine on my computer but bomb on Android and iPad. The code says something about a google doubleclick ad delay. My affiliate id isn't in the url and the screen is blank. Never goes to the ad . . . nothing ever shows.

I just need a test mode with no money collected but real ads showing that can be clicked to run tests when my programmer fixes. Is there a sandbox mode for live Google ads? The test modes I am reading about are more for testing the design. I need to test the impact of code changes.

Also, has anyone ever seen this problem of blank screen on click?
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    What code do you mean, the adsense script itself? I think you are not allowed to modify it. If you mean an ad-rotating script you can test it without adsense, just use a different ad, either an image or an affiliate network ad which doesn't harm you if clicked. But I am not sure if this answers your question, can you explain a bit more?
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    Last week Programmers were doing template changes and updating Word Press to the new version and updating plugins. Lots of changes but Adsense code was not touched. It looks like what Google provides in their manager.

    Visually ads look fine but when mobile users click on a google ad, they go to a google doubleclick url but the page is blank . . . the ad never shows. There was no change in adsense code.

    Anyone else ever see totally blank results except for a doubleclick url on mobile devices?

    When we are ready to test again, is there a way to test live adwords without collecting revenue on the clicks? Need real ads to test.
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