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I'm wondering if there is a best PHP framework, cuz I like using php frameworks for my projects (I used Smarty before, but it has some issues).
I need any suggestion about a best & workfriendly PHP framework.
Thank you.
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    Smarty is a templating engine, not a PHP framework.

    I am currently learning/using Laravel which is really nice. Check it out.
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    Codeigniter is simple to learn PHP framework

    if possible you should try to create your own PHP framework

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    you should try symfony and phpcake
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      So far I recommended Laravel to every person who ask me about php framework.
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      Originally Posted by Siegfried View Post

      you should try symfony and phpcake
      I suppose you meant CakePHP?

      I have used the following:
      1. CodeIgniter : one of the first few and still pretty decent.
      2. CakePHP: came as the first strong competitor in PHP framework and mimcs Django/Ruby on Rails a lot. It is a very good framework now. I have been using it since 1.1 beta which was like 5 years ago. It is still moving fast ahead.
      Some of my live sites to this day use cakePHP 1.2 or 2.x
      3. Yii - it's new and quite good as well.

      4. Wordpress - it is not a framework per se but it can be used as one saving you a lot of development time and effort from reinventing the wheel. It's development docs are well documented.

      5. Symphony - also as old as CodeIgniter probably. Most popular in europe and france. It is also a good framework but can get tedious as you grow your site. Most devs have started to move out of it now

      6. PHP - php is as good as a framework on it's own and if you are confident you can write your own little framework simply by following best practices which Rasmus (creator of PHP) himself suggested and encourages.

      Edit: if you think smarty is a framework you have a long way to go brother.
      best of luck
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    Codeigniter Or Laravel! Nicely coded and well documented! Also, you will get plenty of programmer to be done your project with these two framework.
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    Codeigniter is a "workfriendly", as you say, framework. Smarty templates is also a "workfriendly" template engine. Best of luck!
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    I'm using zend and laravel
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    I am working at CakePHP framwork.
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    Yii is looking very interesting. Yii Framework: Best for Web 2.0 Development

    I haven't gotten into it yet, but I have been liking a lot of the software made with it.
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    CodeIgniter for me, really simple to learn and some good tuts out there.

    Simply CodeIgniter for instance : Simply CodeIgniter - Bringing you heaps of video tutorials on the PHP Framework Codeigniter
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    You should go with zend and Yii. Both are good but yii is very interesting to use. I have used it.
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    Cake is ok. Smarty is a template engine (and there is nothing smart about it at all), CI is ok. However I like to work my own way so I avoid Frameworks.
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    If you are beginnner i think you shouldn't user framework but if you not, Kohana is the best choice, it flexible like zend and easy learn like CodeIgniter
    Here is link : Kohana: The Swift PHP Framework
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    I Would Recommend Laravel.
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    I am using Kohana in a project. I like it, but the documentation is lacking so you must not mind digging under the covers a bit.

    For my next project, I am considering YII. It looks like it has good performance and great documentation.
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    Now a days CakePHP framework is an open source web application framework. CakePHP is written in PHP, modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails, and distributed under the MIT License.
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    yes cake php is very frequently used in these days. its simple to understand and to work with.
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    Frameworks rock!

    I use CakePHP for all my scratch built apps. I'm currently rolling out a nice custom built CRM for a client.

    I am also planning on launching a CMS in CakePHP sometime later in the year.

    Rock the Cake!
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