Question On Building Out Event Based Google Hangout

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Leave it to those pesky Empower Network folks to come up with a great idea! Lol

Take a look at the Hangout set up by the Prosperity Team to promote EN:

Prosperity Team Hangout

The affiliate ID belongs to the house there and I have no interest in it. I leave it in place in case it is needed for investigation purposes.

My question is this:

How do you set that Join Now button so that it pulls in the Affiliate ID from the URL?

I am sure there is a simple solution, or even a script that will accomplish this, but want to know what my options are.

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  • Well I seem to have gotten an answer from an FB friend so will share it here.

    A simple line of php (which I am admittedly ignorant of) that goes like this:

    <a href="<?
    echo $_GET['id'];
    ?>"><img src=""></a>

    This would be the button code.

    And the referring URL would be the one I posted above. The code pulls in the affiliate id (in this case dailyincomentwk ) and inserts it into the url that those clicking the button would be sent to.

    If you know of glitches with this solution, happy to hear them!
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