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Hello Guys,

I am having a problem getting a script to work.

The main script is here Article Directory Script | Article Directory Software and Databases we have the script installed at

Now the problem we are having is this, if you take a look at our site, the Internet Business category for an example shows as the URL. But, it doesn't show up as a category for these articles. Like, the folder /Internet-Business does not exist. I am having trouble figuring out why it is like this, when these folders don't exist on the server an were never set up.

I tried to use article dashboard and have the same problem, so we must be missing something.
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    Hi SISMediaGroup,

    It is known as a phenomenon called "Dynamic URLs" commonly found on Dynamically Generated Web Sites.

    This means that instead of having countless physical files on the site taking up web space, it instead uses a single database full of content and pulls up this content dynamically showing it to the visitor within an HTML site template.

    Here's the thing, in your site you have a strange little file with the name ".htaccess". This HTAccess file probably has code in it telling your site that when a folder is called, like "/Internet-Business/", and the folder does not exist, to pass this folder name to a php script, likely your "index.php" file.

    The PHP file then queries your Database for a category with the name of the folder that was requested and pulls up and shows the content for that category, keeping the fake folder name in the URL.

    Many article directories also give this option for the articles themselves, sending you to a URL like ""

    Now you could search your enter site and never find the "article_title.html" file because the same thing applies. If the ".htaccess" file doesn't find the html file, it pipes it to the dynamic PHP script which queries the database for the article title and shows the content of the article within a set HTML Template.

    Hope this clears it up.

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