Any safe youtube downloaders from well-known brands

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I am not sure of where to post this question so I choose here because you guys are programmers and may be knowledgeable of different programs and most importantly viruses.

It's seems to be the youtube has cracked down on Realplayer downloader so its not working. So I need to make a change.

Any safe YouTube downloaders from well- known trusted brands with a long history such as RealPlayer. I get recommendations from people of mom and pop tech companies that make downloaders where a lot of them ad malware. Plus the people who recommended these downloaders to me did not even know that malware was wrapped in the Download. I am only interested in Small mom and pap company's downloaders if you are %100 sure there is no malware wrapped in the download and there are no well-known brands that meet what I am asking for. I prefer well-known trusted brands on the level of real Player, QuickTime, techsmith, adobe etc that make video downloaders and converters. I don't mind paying for a good product.
Thanks for any help.
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    If your using Firefox, the Video Download Helper plugin will download most videos.
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      I've been using this for a long time and have never had any issues with it.

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      Originally Posted by David V View Post

      If your using Firefox, the Video Download Helper plugin will download most videos.
      ^^^ I use Download Helper too and have been forever it will download and convert videos the most popular formats. It's free and since it's a firefox plugin you don't have the same worries as traditional downloads.
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        I don't know if this is what your looking for but I've been using it for quite some time.

        It's at keepvid .com .( No affiliation)

        You just paste the Youtube URL of the video and it'll give you several different files to choose from (mp3,mp4,flv,etc.) And you can usually choose from several resolutions to download)

        For some reason, it may be my settings or something but it worked alot better using Internet Explorer than Firefox. I haven't tried Firefox in a long time with it so it may have been a temporary thing.

        Hope that helps.

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    The Firefox contained Add-on "Easy YouTube Downloader" is completely safe, and works great with YouTube. But! You are prompted to install "Best Video Downloader" software onto your PC for "Full features" DO NOT INSTALL THIS. You DO NOT have to install this for the Firefox add-on to work. The "Best Video Downloader software includes several types of adware, spyware, and sometimes malware/viruses. When you are taken to the "Best Video Downloader" website, do not download and install. Just close it out. Also, when you're using the YouTube downloader and select to download "mp4 audio best quality" it will say, "This requires the upgraded version, click to install upgrade" or something like that, click upgrade, and It will take you to the same "Best Video Downloader" website, but you don't have to install. Just close the tab, and you'll see that the mp4 audio download has started conversion and downloads. I think this is just a hook. I download mp4 audio all the time, and have only gotten the upgrade notice two or three times in two years, usually after an update. Just click upgrade, and close the tab that opens. It will work. Also note: every once in a while, I'll go to YouTube and the download buttons have disappeared. I guess this is YouTube working their code around the downloader, but within a couple days, Easy YouTube Downloader has rolled out an update that fixes it, and also, uninstalling and reinstalling the "Easy Youtube Downloader" add-on fixes it. But again, DO NOT install "Best Video Downloader" on your pc. If you by mistake installed the "Best Video Downloader" first uninstall it from Windows Add/Remove Programs, if it shows up, Uninstall Yontoo Web Apps, Search Enhancer, and anything that installed at the same date/time. Once uninstalled, run your anti-virus for a whole computer scan. You should be good. And if your "New Tab Page" with most visited sites doesn't show up anymore when you open a new tab, type about:config in your address bar, agree to be careful, search for browser.newtab.url and right-click, then select reset to restore its default value (about:newtab). ALSO: for those of you who get a blank page with a long complicated URL after you click download, clear all YouTube cookies, and it should start working again. The download should start without redirecting the page.
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    Another vote for firefox + download helper.

    I even use this to download sales videos that have no controls so I can skip past the jibber jabber.
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    Use firefox youtube video downloader, or you can use free ipad or iphone app youtube video downloader, if you are on ios
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    I have installed real player and its adding plugin in chrome too so i can download using it
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      I know it is an old thread but thought that it can help others I had the same issues and I found YouTube to MP4 & MP3 Video Download - TubGet you don't have to download anything you just post the video link and select the download format mp3 or mp4 - it also works with vevo, vimeo and other websites.
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        Thank you. I just tried TubGet; it seems to work just fine. (No need for the "required" Java plug-in.)

        Too bad it's a pretty certain prospect that YouTube will shut them (and others like them) down. You're probably familiar with "Whack-a-mole".
        Put MY voice on YOUR video:
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    HTML/CSS/jQuery/ZURB Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap/Wordpress/Frontend Performance Optimizing
    Need HTML/CSS help? Skype: microcosmic - Test Your Responsive Design -

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    If you don't want to install anything on your computer you should go for online downloader like keepvid which are really good one to download videos
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    I use Freemake video downloader.
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    Internet Download Manager is best for downloding any type of file from any website.
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