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Hey WF,

I'm developing a Fiverr Bot because I've realized that there is no Fiverr bot around on the internet. The ones that are on the internet are now abandoned.
I've made a few bots for myself before for private use for things like: Reddit Autoposter aligning with the reddit guidelines and forum posters.

I'm using the Visual Studio C++ IDE in order to create the bots because it's so easy to manage and design the GUI.

Anyways, I'm going to get on with this -
I want to work with someone who thinks he can help market the Fiverr Bot (we can discuss equity) because it's half-way developed and has made me around 30 accounts all making at least $10 a day - Really good income. Many people would say: "Hey, why would I want to check each account daily to see if I got a gig sold?" - Well, we have a notification system where it checks your email(s) daily to see if you have any new Fiverr mail!

For an interested programmer wanting to help me in this project, you will be paid accordingly to keep the bot supporting Fiverr as it changes and updates in the future.

The easiest part of this entire creation was probably the captcha - Fiverr's captcha is a joke.

So, I was wondering - What are a few things people want to see in a Fiverr bot?
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