Whats the relationship between server and DNS?

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Hi, long time reader of the warrior forums but can't find an answer in previous threads, hope someone can help?

Is there a relationship between the server and the DNS?

The reason for my question is that I have been told by my developers that my site has been migrated to a new dedicated server but the DNS records for my domain are the same as other sites from the same developers.

Does this mean that it is not a new server and I have been added to an existing server, or is the DNS irrelevant in this case?

Perhaps another question could be, is there a way to find out when my "new server" was set up and configured?

I've had countless delays with this project and soooo many excuses that I now question everything I am being told by the developers. I have found many answers to other excuses by searching the web but I'm getting nowhere fast with the server issues.

On a side note, it has apparently taken almost two weeks to set up and migrate servers, and I have read that this should take a matter of days? Its not a massive site, in fact its still in development.

Any help, or if I could be pointed in the right direction, would be greatly appreciated,

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    If they control the nameservers, as in
    used by Warrior, only they can really tell what server hardware the site is on.

    If a site is no bigger (including the database) than what can be stored on a single hard drive there's no reason it should take more than a couple of hours to change servers.


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      Hi RobinInTexas, thanks for the reply,

      Thats what I thought, I do have the info somewhere in previous comms stating the size of the database files and we're talking mb's not gb's so not much really to migrate.

      I'm certain that even with complications it shouldn't have taken the best part of two weeks.

      Thanks again for confirming my doubts
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      Originally Posted by RobinInTexas View Post

      ...only they can really tell what server hardware the site is on.
      With all due respect, Robin, the A record for host @ or the CNAME record for host www would point to a different IP address for a different server.
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        Hi David Beroff, thanks for commenting,

        So if my site is in fact on a different server to their other sites, this should show a different IP address?

        If it helps, they are not physical servers owned by the developers, it is currently/temporarily hosted with hostgator - I am led to believe a dedicated VPS

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          Originally Posted by NoMoreExcuses View Post

          So if my site is in fact on a different server to their other sites, this should show a different IP address?
          That just depends on how their system is set up. It's possible to have one IP masking multiple servers, using a so-called "reverse proxy" which is just a decision maker that routes traffic to various internal IPs.
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            Thanks wayfarer,

            I did read up on reverse proxy, but I'll be honest, servers and settings etc is way over my head. From the helpful comments received I think it is fair to say that only the developers will really know what they are doing and I will have to accept that the project has again been delayed.

            I have queried the shared IP's and await his comments, but I'm certain I will be told that the new server was set up and all sites were migrated to the new server - which goes some way to explaining why it took the time it did.

            Thanks again guys for taking the time to help me out, much appreciated.
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        Hi guys, appreciate your comments so far, think I almost have my answer.

        So my site not only shares the same DNS (ns1 xxxxxx com and ns2 xxxxxxx com) but it also shares the same IP address as some of their other sites, so.......

        1) Does this mean that we are sharing the same server, and

        2) Is there a way of finding out when the server was set up by the other sites IP addresses?

        I ask point 2 because it could be possible that a new server had been configured for me, and these other sites were added to the server.

        Again, any help or direction would be appreciated

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