Ecommerce Site with Different Prices According to the Countries?

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Hi Warriors, I have a question about ecommerce site. So, my client needs the
product price to be different according to the visitor's country. I can't make the
price difference using shipping cost because it's a digital product.

Actually, there are only 3 levels of prices. For European+America, for other 1st
world countries, and for 3rd world countries.

It needs to be in Wordpress. I have a few ideas for this:
1. I know there's a Wordpress plugin that can track IP addresses to know the
countries of visitors. Can I display different prices based on the results of this

2. Is it possible to let them choose from which country they are when they are
about to purchase the product? So, the price will show according to the country
they choose. It's not safe, though. People can easily choose a country from a 3rd
world country to get it cheaper.

3. I will make the site as a membership site, therefore, they have to register first
to be able to purchase. This way, they will be registered in a specific country and
all prices can be displayed according to the the country in their profile. But how
to do this?

Other ideas will be much appreciated. Thank you, Warriors. Keep rocking!
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