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Hey guys and gals,

I have a quick question. I have a client that I am doing web work for but I have run across a problem that I am wandering if it can be fixed. The developer that is doing most of the backend work cannot seem to get the sublinks right (view the site on my test server at pogtestlink.com/realestate). When you scroll over the main navigation tabs there is a horizontal dropdown that shows up.... the client wants those links to be anchor links so that when a visitor clicks on one of them the visitor "jumps" to that particular content. However, the problem arises if you are not on the main tabs page... for instance, if I am on the homepage and scroll over "Our Approach" I am unable to click on, say, "The Process" and go to that information without first clicking on the "Our Approach" tab (try it yourself please).

For all you professional programmers out there, please please tell me what you would do to solve this problem if it is solvable.

Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks Paul, I completely missed that.

    Rich, you can ignore my earlier post below and see Paul1234's post instead.


    Originally Posted by ziffgone

    Hi Rich,

    I think I could fix this but I'd need a full copy of the site or FTP access to your web site. The reason being I get permission problems accessing the URL from the AJAX when trying to test in an environment other than your site. These are the usual cross domain permission errors.

    The thing is this, we have to try and figure out how to append the HREF value from the menu items to the submenu href attributes. I may have an idea on how to do it, but I need to test all on one domain. Meaning I either need a full copy of the site that I can set up on my domain or access to your site so I can test on your domain. Hope that makes sense.

    If interested, you can PM me the details.

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    To fix the problem, edit submenucontents.htm so that:

    approach.html is in front of #company, #process, #brokerage and #property (e.g. #company becomes approach.html#company).

    investing.html is in front of #isreal, #terminology and #building (e.g. investing.html#isreal)

    ourteam.html is in front of #elizabeth and #perkins (e.g ourteam.html#elizabeth)

    Paul Turner

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    Thanks guys. I will provide this information to my programmer. If he is unable to fix the problem I will get in touch to see if anyone is interested in helping me out further.

    Thanks a lot.
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