Problems With Llinking Domain Name To Hoplink??

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I just bought a new domain name and I'm having trouble forwarding it to the clickbank hoplink I created for a product. It tells me that it's in the wrong format and now I'm stuck and confused.
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    What were you entering as your hoplink?

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      Hello Big Steve, Where did you buy the domain name?
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    Hi big steve, with the way that clickbank works, i think setting your domain as a cname or A record in the dns might not register the sale to you.

    What might be best (and perhaps easier), is to put the domain on a webserver, and put an automatic redirect on the website to the hop url

    <? header("Location: http://your.hoplink.hip.clickbank"); ?>
    just put that code (with your hoplink) into a file called index.php and upload it, and you should have a redirection that works, and you can update on the spot (dns takes ages to update sometimes!)
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