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Hi Warriors:

Hope it has been a great weekend thus far.

In regard to people talking on a blog or website about using a Virtual Private Network for safety and or the ability to post multiple ads on classified sites when they change the I.P. and city location.

Let's say Marketer A lives in Anywhere, USA and the I.P. address is
100.10.10. They open the software select Hello There, USA and the I.P. becomes 137.15.18. Does the original I.P. return when they close out the software and close all browsers? (Hopefully yes).

In terms of speed is it based on your computer and Internet Service Provider they are using or does a Virtual Private Network supersede that and they can have the fastest computer/connection but now it depends totally on the software/network they connect with?

Thank you for your time and explanation as always.
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    Yes your original ip returns back to the same. Speed will be determined by how far the new ip address is. Try hide my ass for a vpn, I use them and they are good.

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      Hi Kevbo22:

      Thanks for reply and articulating the information.

      It is interesting you bring up the company HMA because on the site I came across (I'm sorry I did not recall the URL) the guy mentioned HMA and there was no middle ground with the comments.

      Folks either made it out to be the Coca-Cola of products or were upset because of cancellation requests being ignored/tech questions not replied to, and some people felt when they tried to connect to the HMA Network it would take too long.

      I'm glad you have had success with them.

      Again it is greatly appreciated you taking the time to answer the question.

      May you and family enjoy the day.

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  • VPN's are the way to go, I have used them on multiple occasions personally.

    If you ensure the data centers you are operating with are peering properly too it will greatly enhance your speeds... There for it is worth digging a bit and ensuring there are the least amount of hops between you and the vpn.
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