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Hi Warriors:

Update December 2013, they were able to get the issue rectified.

I am attempting to help somebody that wants to post ads

Could you please tell me on when placing an ad how do I change for example www dot anywebsite dot com

Click Here

On Craigslist you can use
<a href="http://www dot any website dot com/">Click Here</a>

When you post the link changes to Click Here.

They tried Hyperlinks from a Word Document and it that normally works but again not on Backpage.

I did see some ads where Click Here brought you to a website/affiliate product, thus it can be done.

Thank you so much.
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    They might have blocked it.
    Many websites disable any html tags in comments to avoid XSS hacking or just simply to avoid unwanted ads.
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      Thanks for reply.

      They did not block it because there is an ad that had "Click Here" and it takes you to a Clickbank product. There is a work around and that is what I am hoping somebody can explain.

      Thank you.

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    What url were you trying to hyperlink as you sometimes have to cloak your links with BackPage as some links do get rejected.

    PM if you are interested and want to know what I use to cloak all of my links so that I never have this problem.
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      Hi Misterwalt:

      I was able to rectify the issue for the person.

      Some links the same as Craigslist are blocked so a redirect script (PHP) helped.

      Thank you.

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        Would you mind sharing the answer to that please as I am also eager to finding out how to add an HTML clicable link to my Backpage ad. Thanks!
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          Hi Rapha:

          Hope all is well.

          Somebody ended up rectifying the issue for me. This goes back a couple of years so things are not fresh but I do remember he set up a redirect script php. If you Google- Redirect script PHP you should see on Page 1 a myriad of information.

          I am sorry that I did not create the script myself or I would have given you step by step details.

          Good luck with the info.

          Have a great night,

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            i Figured it out, it was not redirect, in my case what I wanted was an actual clickable link to my page and this is how i did it and it worked on

            <a href="">CLiCK HERE!</a>
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