Can't Get PayPal Button To Work on Warrior Forum

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Hi Warriors:

Happy New Year:

I hope you can help me out.

I tried two ways to take a created PayPal button from both PayPal (after creating it on PayPal dot com) and paste the Buy Now Button in the Warrior Offer that I had run awhile back (Products and services).

The HTML code created from PayPal does no turn into Buy Now but stays in code.

I tried the same thing on E-Junkie. They let you create a code and give you an HTML PayPal Buy Now Button.

I copied and pasted the code on my post under Services and when you view the ad it shows the HTML only. Obviously since both failed I took them off.

All I want to do (there will be no Website involved) is get a code from E-Junkie copy/paste it into the Warrior Forum and have it show the Buy Now Button and it will take you to E-Junkie for the download.

Please help.

Thanks so much!
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    If all you want is the graphic, then only use the graphic, and have that link to the desired page. The PayPal code assumes that you can use arbitrary HTML, which you can't here.
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      Hi David:


      Sending you and email in a few.

      Happy and Safe New Year.

      Thanks as always.

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    Just make your paypal button like normal and when you get the code there a tab for email click on that and use that as your paypal payment link.

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      Hi Top Notch Websites:

      Thank for info but I don't believe the PayPal email link would work because the product would need a place to be delivered. If I made the link available on the forum for example you still would need to be able to get the product.

      PayPal is not acting as the sender of the product only processing the payment.

      I need all the steps the ability to make a clickable link/bring customer to a site that housing product/customer pays/customer gets download/I get paid.

      I was able to find a work around. I have the product stored on a major site, when the link it is clicked customer gets product and I get paid through PayPal.

      Thanks and have a great New Years.

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    Is this your product ?
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      Hi Top Niche Websites:

      Thanks for helping out with your info today.

      You had asked "Is this my product" but didn't tell me what this is.

      If you meant what is in my signature no the question relates to something coming up. As for the signature that would not need to have a direct download link because it is not a product but a service.

      In that regard when somebody purchased the service from me I could have used the PayPal email link you discussed.

      For the typical Warrior Special Offer where you are getting a book/video/audio/software the product has to be available on a specific site working in conjunction with PayPal.

      Have a great day!

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