Hiring Freelancer, what access do they need?

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Just started using Odesk and posted a job. The job involves adding a new functionality to the theme/site which only requires PHP.

Will admin access to my Wordpress be sufficient?
Do I need to provide database/ftp information?
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    based on the type of task you asked
    but usually admin details will be enough
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    Make sure you check the agreement guidelines set by ODesk. Not allowing enough access may cost you.

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      Back up the whole site, database and files.

      You might just as well give them ftp and admin access to the website.

      With either they have the ability to access everything in the directories at and below public_html/yoursite.com

      It's just more difficult without ftp access.


      ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    I use to do a ton of freelance work. I use to laugh when someone was leery about giving access. This is funny. Are you going to check every line of code that he writes? If not your giving him a ton of trust anyway, and basically fully access to your entire site. You have no idea what he is going to put in there. Bottom line is you MUST trust your programmer. Not wanting to give access to your programmer is like not wanting to give your car keys to your mechanic.
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    programmer may need following details if client ask to upload the website as well.
    1. FTP details
    2. Cpanel details
    3. other admin details if required.
    it only needs when someone ask to upload site.
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