can somebody help me, i need a process payments in my website

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well basic what i'm trying to do is this
a client for my website come and want to buy one of my packets, i need to request a URL before he / she place an order, this just for take control about a futher action to complete his/her order, i'm working with wordpress and my payment system design will be google checkout, would you help me to find the way this can work?

thank you so much guys!:confused:
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    I thought they retired google checkout last year?

    wordpress has a foxycart plugin. no worries like that with foxycart.

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    Google Checkout is no longer active. You will need to find an alternative plugin for payments. Just do a Google search there are a ton of them.

    Also if you dont need a cart and prices don't change you could just hard code a Paypal button. EZ 1.2.3
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      A lot of wp cart/membership/content protetctors allow you to configure the options on your checkout page. You can just include the url field there. If you are using something like Paypal where the checkout form is not submitted to your site,you will need to take additional steps. You are probably best off to choose your payment processor and software and then ask again as the answers will change.
      I would recommend hiring some one who has some experience to set it up. They can help you choose the right software and processor. Then on your next site you can pretty much copy the set-up.
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    Be careful hard-coding a paypal button without using encryption though.
    Very easy for someone to mess with the code and change the price.

    If you don't need dynamic buttons - then use the paypal button creator.

    Sounds like you may need a developer to help you.
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    Just use thechartpress plugin. That's plugin come with customization checkout process. So you can easily customize checkout process as simple as you need. Another option is just create paypal button/image and add url paypal code "href= m_number=01&amount=9.99&currency_code=USD>"

    Hopefully this will help you.
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