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Hello every one i want to be a software developer when i grown up.

Can you say what language is for more software development.

what can i do in c++ that i can´t do in C#

what can i do in C# that i can´t do in C++

and what language is going to be thebiggest in some years like 10 years :confused:
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    If you plan to write only video games, then C++ is probably still the best choice. However, for virtually any other type of application, C# is superior.

    A professional I know told me almost all the business programming he's hired to do is done in C#.

    C# is a modern, powerful language with a great IDE. Here's a free book I stumbled across that you may find helpful. It has a good discussion about why C# is best:

    Introduction to Programming with C# / Java Books » english-intro-csharp-book

    In 10 years, C# will *probably* still be the best language. But, even if you want to learn other languages, C# will teach you the fundamentals of coding that are used in many other languages, too.

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    You can do many things in either. What it really comes down to is the specific problem you are trying to solve. For example if I'm developing a website then I will go with Node JS. If I'm developing an accelerated CUDA renderer then I would definitely go with C++.

    I would not touch C# though because what I can do with C# I can usually do much better and much faster with JavaScript on NodeJS. And what I would not use C# for I can usually do in C++ or some other language most suitable for the job.

    Then of course I would not use C++ to develop a web application simply because there is very few lines of code written in C++ that is readily available for solving web related problem as compared to for instance JavaScript (where you have things like jQuery). But on the other hand JavaScript code can be 45 times slower than a solution in C so when speed matters then one would get the most performance out of a computer by using C++.

    You should learn how to PROGRAM - not a specific language. When you know how to program you can use any language to implement the task because they are all very similar indeed.
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    C# is way better starting off than C++. You can also make websites in C# fairly simple too

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    C# is a memory management automatically handled by garbage collector.and C++, the memory that is allocated in the heap dynamically has to be explicitly deleted. so easily use the C# better than the C++.
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