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Can anyone suggest some good reasources for learning more than just the basics? I'm well along in learning the nuts & bolts but it's all the "other" stuff that most the books don't seem to cover in any detail. For example..
Interacting with a sql database, creating a nice GUI for your program, best way to program a larger/more complicated program, etc.

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    Python is very well documented and you certainly can find detailed information about any aspect of python programming online and / or in some books.

    For SQL, you should look at SQLAlchemy, which is arguably the best and most popular library for that in Python.

    For GUI you should look at GUI libraries such as wxPython.

    You can also look at this list: PythonBooks - Learn Python the easy way !
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    I would also suggest you start with Python 2.7 before moving on to 3. I know that sounds like just the basics, but some of the libraries you'll be using beyond the basics don't even support 3 yet.
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    The best way to learn is to start using the language. Like most languages I've used over the years, solving a problem gives you the opportunity to use that aspect of the language. So, don't just learn but try using it to solve a problem.

    Good luck.
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      Yep, I agree with hhunt. Best way how to learn something is when you will start using that. So select your project which you would like to accomplish and start doing that. This way I was able to learn skill which is helping me to solve any issue which I have. In fact it is not about language or skill but about what are you able to finish

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