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by chini
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Hi i'm looking to build a website which allows people to find cleaners in their area. So a marketplace for those seeking cleaners. Which requires both customers and suppliers to work. I'm looking for advice on what kind of marketplace scripts/platform i should consider.

I have seen scripts like these - Thumbtack clone, Marketplance script clone to create the site. I'm not sure whether i should build this based on a script already been created or create the marketplace from scatch.

I'm not a programmer, but have 5-10k to spend on a programmer for this project. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Or advice on where i can get answers to these type of questions would also be appreciated (don't mind paying).

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    First try to determinate what this project should do - for both side. Then you try find something which is close to your needs and you can start building on that ... or create own solution from stratch. If you have some friends which are good in programming than they can help you determinate main goals and requirements. And then you will know what to do. Always is possible to split project to parts ... and focuse on important features / functionality first.

    Btw: Sometimes you can offer your services to somebody else to get something done ... not all business have to builded on the money ...

    Check my website ...

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    Take a look at this thread:
    Both sides would be able to post on your site - post a hire offer, or service offer.
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    My advice is to find a clone script that best replicates your desires, then build on that (aka: hire a developer).

    This is the fastest way to get online. Once online you'll see how to modify your service - everything else is just guess work.

    For a list of clones scripts checkout:

    Also try to think outside the box with this. Like consider a clone where cleaners just place their ads.

    Here's a clone (Agriya does not have the best customer support reputation - I've never used their script)

    As an example for thinking outside the box, I run a photographer and model community website and I'm considering implimenting a "dating style" interface similar to Badoo.

    By using the "dating style' interface photographers and models can connect up.
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