Add custom edit slide field to wp simple-slider-ssp plugin

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I'm building a custom gallery for a client, inside a WordPress site using the simple-slider-ssp plugin with some custom css modifications. The plugin is available here: WordPress › WP Slider Plugin « WordPress Plugins

You can see the gallery as it stands here:

Gallery – Test |

On the admin side, when editing a single slide i would like there to be 3 additional fields for each slide:
  1. Is this for sale? (Yes/No)
  2. Are there prints available? (input link to buy page)
  3. Is the original available? (input link to buy page)
The admin controls for editing a single slide are from this file within the plugin:


Then I need to grab the values of those settings and on the front end view of the slide, show either:

"Not Available"


"Original Available" (click to go to the buy page)


"Prints Available" (click to go to the buy page)

I've already added some mockup links where they would need to go, in the file:


and they are showing up, but I have not yet accomplished the functionality. I apologize for the length of this question but I have not yet been able to figure this one out as I am pretty new to php. Thanks in advance for the help
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