Internet Marketing and SEO related Program/Bot Ideas? (using ubot)

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I have been wondering about the current market trends of the online industries as a whole lately. And for the past few months I have been playing with automation software, namely; Ubot Studio. And I have been looking for different projects to develop and share with the community. I know there are needs for automation all over this forum! I just need to find them, hopefully you have a need I can fill!

I find it hard to come up with program ideas that I have not already done though. I was wondering if there are any good ideas floating around, or if there is an unfulfilled or underdeveloped need in the market? What better place than here to ask?!

Alternatively, I would also like to ask people here;
What places do you visit for program ideas?

Personally I google'd a few keywords related to automation and tech related software ideas... The best list I have been learning from has been one on "collaboration software". However, such software is better suited to a web application, so that idea is not fit for something like Ubot.
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    Nobody have any bot needs or ideas?

    Willing to create a free bot for something, if enough people express interest in it. Not for list building or anything like that. Just to make a name here
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    232 views, no interest? There has to be a need for new software in the market somewhere?
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      A lot many bots can be made. Here's a premium idea, if put into practice properly. Automate local classifieds i.e. country-specific classifieds sites. From account creation to ad posting.

      And Classified Site scraper - to scrape listings from sites and post to others. You will need to broadly classify sites according to the script they are using. People launching new classified sites will buy this one, because generating traction and getting users to post takes a long time.
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      Originally Posted by Sam Zachuth View Post

      232 views, no interest? There has to be a need for new software in the market somewhere?
      Even I bought ubot dev edition last year but never actually used it properly as I was always busy with my other business, but recently I've started working on it and already working a huge bot to automate 50+ sites in a single bot.

      From what I understand even if there are other similar bots it does not mean you cannot make a similar bot, just add few additional features to it so that your bot is better then the existing ones and sell it at competitive price and provide regular support and updates.

      Usually nobody will share their ideas, because making a bot is not a big deal, ideas are what makes you the real money, though the idea provided by WillKill is also really good, infact i might start working on it once i finish up with my current project

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