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by nenala
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www. openmindedlifepath .com is the site I dedicate topic title to.. i have worked on it hard, whereafter a turbulent personal time made me work on it a bit less... I would love to rank it up high and gain some audience and figures do show a line of (slow) improvement.. Because i have built the site myself with some left over html knowledge of my teens, i was aware that it has many mistakes. Of course it tooks hours of tweeking and testing. and trying to make all work for all devices.
so i would like to know of you, if you have some spare time , does this site does somewhat alright on your browser?
i know seo takes time and i just should not give up. maybe i am posting this to find out if I should leave programming for what it is and change to a pre made template like RIGHT NOW, or that the blog does kind of look alright on different devices and browsers.. U tell me
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    I think the site looks somewhat dated, Although it is nicely responsive.
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      thanks for your feedback i know it looks kinda 90´s however... my biggest worry is that it does not look like anything I supose on the moment everybody prefers a ´clean´ look.. and to be honest I find it very boring... but if it is more functional.. who am I to find out the weel twice isn´t it.. however... i´ll see if I can make it appear a bit less dated. I am happy it seems responsive enought cool!
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        It was very slow to load and it isn't particularly attractive.

        I would suggest you find a template for bigger reasons than just appearance. Most important is being compliant with the new HTML5

        You might find that by continuing to tweak what you have will take longer than just putting your content onto a new template design.

        There are tonnes of free templates that you can choose from too

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