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by Niks24
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Hello Every One,

I have made a PHP Script that pulls the code from GIT Hub repository, But when I execute that particular code it shows error, But when we run the same code through Commands it works all fine.

Following is the error we are getting while executing the PHP Script:

cannot connect to authentication agent.

Can some one please help me in this.

#git #php #pull #script
  • Profile picture of the author Artur Golisz
    Do you checked if apache has permission to run git?
    Do you use full path to git?

    Mayby that helps you:
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      Hi Artur,

      Thanks very much for the help.

      Yes we have seen that but still its not working.

      we are getting the agent ID but still its saying that could open connection to your authentication agent.

      Do you have any idea on this ?
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    Plz check your code with this document...
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