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I tried asking this on the main forum but didnt get a response so I thought I would try the programming forum.

I have been developing a desktop application that allows you to design a mobile Android application with links to content like pdf documents, videos, mp3s and a few other items. The content can be either imbedded within the mobile app itself or linked off of a website and can be password protected if desired.

The desktop application then lets you save, publish and create an android app that is ready to publish to Google Play, Amazon's mobile store etc. using an APK builder website I wrote.

What is the best way to get initial user testing and feedback before rolling it out to a wider audience? And has anyone had experience with customers publishing their own Android apps? Google Play doesn't want you to publish apps for other people, so any customers would have to do that portion themselves. (The .apk is ready to go I.e signed dexed and optimized etc)

Any advise or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Join some of the android developer facebook groups and offer it up for testing there.

    Publishing on the app stores is easy so I wouldnt worry about that aspect, if people cant understand how to publish then one has to wonder if they should be making apps anyway.

    Also I can test it, pm me.
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      You could also try to get in touch with small mobile development blogs that might want to share this with their readership.
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