How do I make this site?

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It sounds like it'd be a pretty simple site to make really and probably only need to take advantage of a few WP plugins, but I'm not sure what to do...

My example niche is going to be "dating disaster stories"

How would I create a website (using wordpress) that allows users to create a username and password so they could log in and create "posts" and talk about their version of a disaster date? I'd want the posts to show up on the home page, and be sort of in a grid/box pattern. (I hope you understand what I mean) Not in a sequential post form like you see on a forum thread. Does that make sense? haha sorry! I think I'd probably need a certain theme to do this. Can anyone help me or give me an idea how to create this?
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    I guess a word press membership plugin will do.
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    I'd look at a Genesis theme and membership plugin like aMember to do that. There are cheaper options, but those would be a killer combination.
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    Thanks Jack! Any tips on free methods, or what are the cheaper options you speak of?
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    Yeah, do a search here for free membership plugins. There are about a zillion threads on the subject, .

    As for themes, I am not aware of any free ones that come close to Genesis for this kind of look, but that certainly doesn't mean they are not out there. You'll have to search around.
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    check out the WishList Member plugin
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      A few years ago, I created such a site with a lot more than what you want. It is a revenue sharing "how to" site. You can take a look and see how you can sign up for an account and then login to submit posts. Please let me know if you like it and it is what you want. Then I will tell you how to do it:
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    WordPress and Gravity Forms will allow you to do this sort of site in less than an hour.
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