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Does anyone know how to upload PDFs, with Filezilla, but have them all in an unzipped file so that, when the customer goes to the link, they all just download automatically?

I've been having customers saying they can't open the zip files I've uploaded to my website, I think it's because I zipped them up using Mac and they're trying to open it with Windows.

I found a software called 7 Zip and apparently that still doesn't work, a customer told me.

When I uploaded the files zipped, I could go to the link and automatically download them, but when I put them in an unzipped file, it just goes to the page with the list of URLs to the PDF files.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Rob Harris
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    I have sipped PDF's and had people download the complete file many times over the last 15 years and never had a problem. I also upload the PDF and give the customer a link to it so it opens automatically, but I am sure there is no way to have them download or read more than one PDF without clicking a link to each one.

    You could set up an HTML directory to them and make it prettier or use a table plugin for WordPress to create one without knowing HTML.
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    I know, I've never had a problem downloading zip files and opening them.

    But some of my customers are saying that they can download them but then not open them.
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    Filezilla do support custom command. See this. If the server support such (proprietary) functionality then you can unzip the file as soon as you upload. You'd have to ask the server distributor for the correct commands.

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      The file extension linked to default opening app is likely the cause. Can they do a right click and do a save as? Again, the problem is likely a training/user experience issue. As far as the 7-Zip - it would not matter as the compression algorithm would remain essentially same between utilities. As far as the thread above this one. It proved difficult for me (a developer) to find a similar solution. I found an old (VERY) shareware, but couldn't get it to run. I don' t believe you can perform an unzip on the file system through external app like Filezilla.
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    when i upload pdf file some files are not open in another browser there is problem plz tell me how we can solve this......
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    yah sometime problem is occure when we upload file it is not open as it is.it give us error.
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