Simple, free method for finding hungry niches

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Put the following into Google's main page and let Google tell you what information people are looking for. Must have Google Suggest enabled.

Do keyword research on the suggestions given to find profitable niches.

how to alleviate, how to avoid

how to cope with, how to cure

how to deal with

how to ease, how to eliminate, how to eradicate, how to evade

how to fix

how to get rid of

how to ignore, how to increase

how to keep

how to lose

how to maintain, how to manage, how to mend

how to prevent

how to quit

how to reduce, how to remove, how to repair

how to solve, how to soothe

how to stop, how to survive, how to sustain

how to treat
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    Yes, this is simple but powerful....

    You also can do this...

    How to
    How do I
    How do you
    How to fix
    How do I fix
    How do you fix
    How to prevent
    How do I prevent
    How do you prevent
    How to cure
    How do I cure
    How do you cure
    How to remove
    How do I remove
    How do you remove
    How to quit
    How do I quit
    How do you quit
    How to get rid of
    How do I get rid of
    How do you get rid of
    How to lose
    How do I lose
    How do you lose
    How to get
    How do I get
    How do you get
    How to stop
    How do I stop
    How do you stop
    get rid of
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    Never thought of that before - and yet so easy.

    You guys probably have SEO friendly URLs like HowToFlyPlanes dot com or something like that. SEs love those type of URLs - maybe I should start one myself.
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    Wow Muhammad you are a Treasure! Thank you Sir!
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    If this isn't enough to keep anyone busy for the rest of their life, I don't know. I appreciate the share.

    Tim Pears

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      Wish I would have read this before I purchased my last domain! I guess I still can.

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    Awesome suggestion, never thought of that.
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    Heres a free tool to speed up the process.
    Learn How To...Anything! -

    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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