Link building -> why is it so difficult to outsource it?

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Hello Warriors! Dan here.

I am wondering what you all do for your link building efforts.

Right now, I have more sites than I can personally do the link building for. I mean yes, I could do it all myself but I would have to devote a major portion of my day to it, which I am not willing to do.

Any tips on outsourcing link building? I have tried elance without any good results - often times it is hard to verify the link builders work since some sites take awhile to approve comments and what not.

So the question is, how to manage link building once you have 30+ websites?

I have heard of linkvana, which I will probably end up trying. I am using 3waylinks right now as well.

Thank you for your input!
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    On the WSO forum here, there are a few threads you should take a look at.

    One is from PJ, you can outsource your link building for as low as $12. There are couple others from Winson and Bryan. I've personally hired Bryan and he's very good.

    Apart from that, I use Linkvana, neurolinker to aid my link building efforts.

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    Hey Dan,

    I am currently running a backlinking WSO (sig) that you can take a look at. I agree, backlinking your sites yourself can be VERY time consuming. Good Luck!

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      Just take a look at the WSO section, there are plenty offering services for putting your linkbuilding on autopilot. And since these are fellow warriors, most of them will ensure the tasks are done correctly. Good Luck.
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    Go to Craigslist India or something and find someone to work for you on a per-hour basis. Do your best to weed out the mediocre applicants and go with someone you can trust. Then, give the person instructions as to where to link from and your URLs and anchor text.

    Finally, request detailed reports so that you know that they are doing their jobs properly.

    Good luck

    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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    There are a load of WSO's about backlink building and paying people to do it for you.

    Otherwise why not make a post or scout the warriors for hire section. I personally hire mine at $300 a month for 8 hours a day 6 days a week. They get me a load of backlinks however i had to teach them everything prior too.

    Tom Brite
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      $300 p/month for a full-time+ backlink builder? That's pretty sweet.
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    I have a bunch of people who I outsource the link building to, and a project manager who delegates out the projects.

    I have been paying one incredible girl $221 a month for 28 hours worth of work a month. If you're interested in hiring her, I'll send you her details. She's phenomenal - I've just decided that I don't need a permanent back-linker anymore (I was trying to push one site as an authority site and have since changed my mind ).
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    Update: I got a couple PMs from people wanting to hire my backlinker, so I wanted to post here again because the PM system takes entirely too long (you have to wait 5 minutes after every PM to respond - making me stay on the forum for 15 minutes if I have 3 responses!!)

    If you're interested in her, I need you to be able to commit to a full time backlinker from the getgo.

    I haven't told her that I'm potentially finding a new employer for her, so I am NOT going to give out her name... I'll show you proof of what she's done and stuff, but I definitely don't want to freak her out by having a bunch of people contact her.

    If this is okay with you, then email me at rachel at (I won't respond to any more PMs on this as it really does take way too long for my liking) and hopefully we can work something out that's a win/win for you and her.

    Also - I'll give the first person that 'feels right' and proves that they have the funds for her, her details. I'm feeling a bit protective over her as she's been an employee of mine for a few months and does an incredible job. I simply don't need her services any more.
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      $300 is a decent rate, instead of going to CL directories of india, it is better to go to some freelancers sites, and pick some freelancers with good review there. there are now loads of these type of sites, out of which Elance & GetAFreelancer are the best and most reliable...
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    Thanks for everyones input. I never really considered the WSO forum, to be honest with you. Definitely will be keeping an eye out for it.
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    There are many ways you can automate some of this too... Hire someone is one options but you also have some sites out there such as Free Traffic - Increase Search Engine Rankings with Article Marketing Submission | which will get many blog owners to post your articles (with your resource box) on their blogs.

    As some of the others above I also have a service in the WSO section that is popular

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