Are Blog Directories Safe?

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Was reading an article about places to submit my site but I am hesitant after reading so many posts here about how most directories are bad. Especially the free ones. But is a blog directory the same?

Here is the link/list of blog directories the article mentioned to submit too.

RSS Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog and Feed - Online Marketing Blog - TopRankĀ®

Want to know what you all think before I start submitting to these sites.

Thanks in advance!
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    Not all are safe, you have to consider the authority of a website. Blog submission help you get additional traffic to your website.
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    Taken from Backlinko.

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    It's not about them not being safe. It's the fact that they won't help at all. Being able to add your site to directories doesn't say anything about whether or not your website is good and relevant to what people are searching for. So why would Google bother taking that into consideration?

    Google cares about quality results. There is no way around this. The best way is simply to have others NATURALLY link to your site because your site is actually valuable.
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    Fill you blog with great contents it attract targeted visitors and shows ones legitimate skills . It will attract readers for long time to come.
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      If your content is good & unique then no need to worries.
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    The one safe bet with directories is the manual penalty that you'll get at some point. That's the only thing for certain with directory links.
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    Not all, but, the directories which has high PR may be relevant to increase the traffic & helps you to gain the backlinks on the your site.
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      Originally Posted by Brown2 View Post

      Not all, but, the directories which has high PR may be relevant to increase the traffic & helps you to gain the backlinks on the your site.
      Yeah you are right, but the High PR sites say above 7 or 6 is only less number of sites are ready to get feed (url) from you, so how it possible to gain sufficient number of back links to focused website of page?
      is there any other ways to be followed in directories?
      Please share your ideas.

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    Blog directories had lost its impact in internet marketing stream. Biggest blog directory Technorati altered its basic feature of blog submission. So its algorithm of Google that impacting on blog directories.

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    For any website you have to make your content relevant and unique, because for any service content is a king and if you are placing informative, unique and targeted keyword used content then it is good and you don't have to worry at all.
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    Agreed with hat the others said. Update your blog, add quality content, make it engaging and you should be fine
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    If you are intending to rank well in Google, then it;s NOT advisable to use web directories. Google don't like sites obtaining their links from web directories. Google has a way of knowing where your links are coming from.
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    They are useful, but keep in mind that you should really change title and description for every directory you submit your website to!

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    In my experience they are not safe..Use only authority directories (dmoz) and bookmark sites (diggo, reddit..) and you are safe
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      I love Blog Directories and any RSS Feed Directories I can get my site into. That said I am doing three 600+ word 100% unique pieces of new content in my blog a week. That is auto syndicated to my Twitter, Facebook, Digg and a few other sites. And I have been doing this for months.

      I feel it give me a lot of leeway with what I can get away with. My site is vary relevant and deep with content. With lots of social marketing interaction. So having some 35PA 47DA links from what some may call spamy sites only helps me.

      The link juice metrics all look the same in Majestic SEO.
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    Anyone have an opinion on They seem to have a high domain authority, not sure how many people actually look up blogs on there.
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      I absolutely agree with what the other commenters have said.Good content is KING and there simply is no substitute for ir. Especially content that helps people like product reviews or "how to"articles.
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