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Hi Guys, just wondering what essential tools that you use to effective SEO??

Also how long on Average does it take to fully optimise a WP Website?

Looking Forward To Your Reples,

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    Originally Posted by smartren25 View Post

    Hi Guys, just wondering what essential tools that you use to effective SEO??
    Content. Period.
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    Time or money

    SEO is an ongoing montly project ... you cannot build links then stop and expect to keep your rankings.
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    a have a dozen great software, they are: WP plugin, backlinks builder (you can do this in autopilot), and other worth tools. PM me to know the software, i just want to make sure that u'r a serious buyer.
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    Moz.com, Statcounter, unique content, more unique content and on-top of that user generated content
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    webmaster tool,moz,back link checker,analytic tool,unique conten are many tools are available on the google.
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    It depends on your requirement and type of business, for example if you have single page website then you require advanced expertize to manage keyword ranking. Few wordpress websites stores bulk data that make loading speed too slow. Such websites requires fast cache plugin. So we can not generalize tools for better results.

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      I sent you a PM you Andra El!
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      Ok Content,backlinks & constant work seems to be the message. It would be great for a really senior warrior that's made too much money & has some time on their hands to write a step by step guide to share to everyone say in the war room- hings like do you still use meta tags, how to create the right backlinks etc etc - SEO seems really fragmented in the information- you learn a little here a little there but really hard to have a general checklist or mind map to follow. A mastermind little group on here could become very powerful ! I also been told that 95% of websites are under some kind of penalty like duplicate content,bad backlinks etc - so until that's fixed then no hard how much SEO is done the penalty needs to be identified & fixed before the full SEO benefit is felt!

      OMG - Is this true ?? SEO seems to be the hardest part of online business that's why it would be great for beginners through to seniors to mutually assist each other, especially on this ever changing landscape.

      I also realise like anything the right tools &planning are a must for any successful venture in business - That's why it's good to get some feedback on the right ways to SEO successfully.

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    I think content is KING.! therefore, you need have a lot of well article for your site and try to sharing to Social signal as: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest.... Don't too dependent on TOOL and BLACKHAT...!!!

    Hope to your useful
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